Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gravity Blog

Welcome to the new Gravity blog. Here are some of the things that have kept us busy:

New Plans and Prices

In the next few days we'll be announcing some new Gravity plans. If you're happy with the current one, don't worry, you get to keep it until you decide to switch.

New Features

We are working on a new feature called "Project Pages". The title pretty much says it all. It will be great for documentation, notes, etc. We are very excited about it.

We are also working to improve the way categories work. It will be more like "labels" (think gmail) and it will come with other capabilities (can't say too much :)

We also want to finish polishing our API and provide documentation for it.


We have fixed some issues that were reported and we are working on others. In particular we are going to improve the way sessions are handled, provide better support for multi-byte characters, better Google Apps integration, etc.

Please continue to let us know what you think, if you want some features, or if you have concerns. We LOVE getting feedback.

We'll continue to post to both the blog and twitter, so watch for updates.


  1. Where is the best place to give feedback? Twitter/blog?

    I have created an iteration that has stories with tasks. When I drag the task to "Done" I expect the percentage complete to increase, but it stays at %0

    Also the reports aren't changing

  2. Hi Tim, the best place to give feedback is our Contact Us page or our support email: support@gravitydev.com

    Please send us a message that way so we can find your account and look into those issues (we can't tell your account from your blog post comment).

  3. Please don't forget the TaskBoard, I'll really love to see it evolve a little, eg:
    - have it's own url we can bookmark and visit often
    - add/remove stories and task on the board
    - modify task description on the board
    Kind Regards

  4. Where have you been all my life?! This is far and away the best Agile project management utility I have come across - and I've tried A LOT. It has everything I need, and nothing I don't. Kudos to you and your team, Alvaro. Very well done, indeed!

  5. I created a test project, I want to delete and recreate it I can't see any delete button

  6. Sorry for the delay moderating your comments.

    @Benjamin Yes, we have a lot of plans for the taskboard. It will definitely evolve.

    @Jason We are very glad you like it :)

    @asksuperuser You can't delete a project, but can archive from the settings page if you are the administrator. If you really need it deleted for good, please send an email to: support@gravitydev.com